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Alan Wake has returned to Steam Store thanks to Microsoft

Published: 07:42, 26 October 2018
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Alan Wake

Alan Wake has been absent from Steam Store since May 2017 when it was pulled due to expired music licenses. Thanks DRM. Anyway, the game's publisher, Microsoft, has managed to negotiate a new deal that allowed it to return to Steam Store.

Halloween is just a few days away now and Alan Wake has returned just in time to reap sales from the spooky celebration. The game was originally pulled from the Steam Store in May 2017 as the music licenses expired. Thankfully, that didn't mean the game would becoem forever unavailable, as Microsoft renegotiated the rights for the licensed music so players can now once again pay in order to wet their pants.

Alan Wake is now an eight year old game but it was only released on PC two years after popping up on consoles. It has become a timeless classic of sorts, so demand is still there, especially when the horror title goes on sales. Speaking of which, Alan Wake is up for at 80 per cent discount until 01 November 2018. The game will sell for $2.50 / €2.50 / £2.28.

Collector's Edition is slightly more expensive, and it includes extras like developer commentary and soundtrack, which may or may have not played a role in the game being removed from the store in the first place. There is also a book in diigtal form, named The Alan Wake Files, written by an in-game author Clay Steward.

Meanwhile, no DLC has reappeared on Steam yet, hinting that Microsoft may not have been able to salvage the whole thing. This is further implied by the fact that Alan Wake only found his way back to steam, but not the Xbox store.

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This horror story from creators of Max Payne series was well received by players and critics alike, since it currently holds 91 per cent positive reviews overall on Steam, with 94 per cent positive ones in the last 30 days. Fans also agreed on , as the game gained 8.1 user score as well as 83/100 critic score. Bear in mind that the latter two are scores for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 so the actual experience may vary, depending on how much attention you give to game graphics.

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