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Alan Wake Remaster reportedly features ray-tracing and runs on Control's engine

Published: 07:09, 06 September 2021
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Alan Wake

Rumoured Alan Wake Remaster will run on a completely different engine than the original according to the latest reports. Also, the game will support ray-tracing on PS5, XSX|S and PC.

Over the weekend we got rumours regarding Alan Wake remaster thanks to a listing from a Taiwanese retailer who also revealed the October 5, 2021, release date. The remaster is yet to be officially announced by Remedy but it looks like that could happen this week, according to reliable insider Daniel Ahmad aka ZhugeEX .

Today, we have a couple of new details about the game courtesy of Nintendopal. The report states that Alan Wake Remaster will feature ray-tracing for reflections and support 60 FPS on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Last-gen consoles won't get these enhancements but there will be some improvements like higher resolution and quality of life changes. 

Additionally, the game will reportedly use Northlight Engine, which has already been used for Control by Remedy.

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All in all, this does not sound unrealistic and it's probably a minimum of what we would expect from a remaster but as always with leaks and rumours, we suggest you take these details with a dose of scepticism since Remedy are yet to officially announce the remaster.

Earlier this year, we also heard rumours that a brand new Alan Wake game is in the works and the remaster could be a part of the plan to hype up the fans of the franchise ahead of the official reveal of Alan Wake 2.

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