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Metal Gear Survive gameplay video splits fanbase

Published: 12:56, 08 January 2018
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Metal Gear Survive - A stretch or a pull?

It was abundantly clear to anyone but Konami that the course they decided to take with the Metal Gear series will produce a lot of disgruntled fans, as if Hideo Kojima's split with the company wasn't enough.

Calling the latest bit of Metal Gear Survive footage coming from Konami a gameplay trailer is a little generous, since half of the 5 minute trailer is just various cut-scenes. On the other hand, we are talking about a Metal Gear game, and for a lot of fans of the series cut-scenes apparently constitute gameplay.

Konami Headles zombies behind a fence in Metal Gear Survive. Metal Gear Survive - Where do you shoot a headless zombie? Well, in the groin of course.

In spite of this, the current like to dislike ratio for the bit of promotional material should be a wake-up call for Konami, if it isn't already too late considering how close the release date is.

Some of the above trailer IGN cobbled together is based on older trailer footage but from a different angle or the same features showcased during daytime instead of night. Since Konami haven't posted anything substantial yet this is probably just another way for the two companies to promote the product.

A quick browse through available Metal Gear Survive footage paints a consistent picture of fan reactions. The core fanbase is likely calling it a cashgrab due to Kojima's absence, while everyone else is making unflattering comparisons to Fortnite, Dead Rising and Resident Evil.

Konami Zombies slipping of a cliff while player charracter watches. Metal Gear Survive - A subtle jab by Konami at fans asking for Kojima? Konami? Subtle? Probably not.

Wait a second. Dead Rising. Metal Gear Survive. Resident Evil. How about Evil Metal Gear Rising?

All of this will impact eventual sales, but there is no way of knowing exactly how, as gamers are prone to shaking their fist at something while their other hand is already pre-ordering. Add to that that Konami apparently have just enough confidence in the game that they have put it in the not sure if this is worth the marketing budget release window that was occupied by games like Mass Effect Andromeda, For Honor and Halo Wars 2 in 2017. You know, that slot where you put games you know can't compete in the November release mayhem.

Konami Lootboxes falling from the sky in Metal Gear Survive. Metal Gear Survive - No word definite on lootboxes yet, but you can bet your great grandmother's zombified remains that they will be in there

It will be Konami try and dance around the inevitable backlash following the 20 February 2018 release date. If there are no delays of course, since Google claims a March release date while Konami's states a late February release.

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