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New World opens additional servers for three regions

Published: 09:37, 10 September 2022
Amazon Game Studios
A large group of players in New World
A large group of players in New World

New World's overcrowded servers are getting a bit of a relief with a few backups but it appears AGS may have handled them a bit awkwardly.

New World has lately been suffering from long queues as players got hyped up with the promotional material for the upcoming Brimstone Sands update and by the game actually being in a better state than ever before.

First Amazon Game Studios increased the population cap on a few servers to deal with the issues but that was just a bandaid since the extensions were for up to 200 players while queues were sometimes more than 1,000 players long.

Now the devs added three more servers, one each for Europe, North America and South America.

Central European server is called Fae, South American is called Atlantis and US East is Eden. These are brand new servers, meaning they are blank slates and the territories are up for grabs.

That said, transfers there will not be free. While this is a bummer for players who hoped to exit the queue and get into the new server, the thought process behind this awkward decision is sound.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Greatsword in action Brimstone Sands is cool but everyone wants the greatsword, right?

New World has problems with megacompanies that could just transfer their alts to the new server and dominate it while having the pay wall could potentially deter them and let the players craft a new power hierarchy.

In any case, you can now jump into the new servers that will hopefully keep the queues away but we have a feeling even more players will surge once Brimstone Sands come along.

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