Five games to play instead of Overwatch

Published: 13:14, 11 September 2021
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company
Rogue Company

Here are five games similar to Overwatch you can play if you're looking to move on from Activision Blizzard-made games in light of the company's recently revealed transgressions, or just want to broaden your horizons.

Overwatch is unique in many aspects of its overall game design and feel. However, some people are affected by the recent real-life situations Activision Blizzard found itself in, and would like to distance themselves from the studio's IPs. This doesn't mean letting go of a beloved game is easy and we're here today to list off some multiplayer FPSs that should scratch the Overwatch itch.

1. Paladins

Paladins is a free-to-play online multiplayer shooter by Hi-Rez Studios. Often hailed as a blatant copy of Overwatch, Paladins' development was in fact inspired by Team Fortress 2.

Unlike Overwatch, Paladins doesn't let players switch up characters at the spawn room during the match and features somewhat bigger maps with a bigger focus on tactics than running and gunning down everything in sight.

Each hero in Paladins has a unique look and set of abilities. Hi-Rez's game offers up the option to choose your loadout at the beginning of each match after you've had a chance to see the enemies' team composition. There are also items you can purchase at the start of each match.

Paladins is available for free on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Valve Team Fortress 2 - Boys ready for action 2. Team Fortress 2 - Boys ready for action

2. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 served as an inspiration for Paladins and shares more than a few similarities with Overwatch. TF2 features quirky characters who'd feel right at home on Overwatch's Route 66 or Numbani. Jeff Kaplan went out and said that Team Fortress 2 is one of his favourite games of all time so it's no wonder the seven years older game shares so many traits with Overwatch. 

Players coming over from Overwatch will find that they'll easily slip into Team Fortress 2, thanks to the same gameplay mechanics and some familiar character types: TF2's sniper will remind Overwatch players of Hanzo while Scout and Tracer may just be long-lost siblings. 

Team Fortress 2 is available for PC, Mac and Linux, as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

3. Bleeding Edge

A team-based online multiplayer game with a focus on team synergy and group-based strategies: Bleeding Edge is all that and more (or less, depends on how you perceive melee combat). Bleeding Edge has its players go head to head using only their fists and all manner of cybernetically improved variations on the subject.

Team-on-team carnage and capturing objectives are all part and parcel of the experience.

Bleeding Edge launched I'm March 2020 for Xbox One and PC.

Ninja Theory Bleeding Edge - Gizmo 3. Bleeding Edge - Gizmo

4. Rogue Company

Here we have Hi-Rez Studios, appearing for the second time on the same list, demanding your attention this time with a free-to-play third-person tactical hero shooter.

Rogue Company comes equipped with a colourful roster of lovable Rogues skydiving into the map at the start of each round, hellbent on taking that objective for themselves. You can use the money earned during the previous match to buy upgrades, weapons, equipment and perks. There are four different game modes for players to sink their teeth into: Extraction, Strikeout, Demolition and Wingman. 

Rogue Company features cross-play between Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

5. Apex Legends

Next to Fortnite and Warzone, Apex Legends is the most popular free-to-play Battle Royale. "Why is it on a list of games similar to Overwatch then" I don't hear you not saying? Well, EA's shooter set in the Titanfall universe takes cues from Overwatch and fills up its roster with a slew of distinct characters, each one bringing something new to the battlefield.

If you're a fan of Overwatch but would like to broaden your horizons and dip your toes into the Battle Royale genre, Apex Legends is a good place to start.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

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