7 Games more fun to watch than play

Published: 11:07, 10 August 2021
Updated: 11:08, 10 August 2021
Valorant - Phoenix
Valorant - Phoenix

Video games are a form of entertainment people can enjoy whichever way they please. The games on this list, however, are more fun to watch than actually play.

Gamers are weird creatures and we sometimes like to just sit back, grab some snacks and watch someone else play. There are some games that lend themselves to this quirk and those are the ones we'll be looking at today.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Starting off with a bit of a doozy. The Witcher 3 has its own altar here at AltChar towers but we can't deny that sometimes you just want to relax and watch someone else cut down the Drowners.

CD Projekt Red's third game in The Witcher franchise is a visual treat with an amazing story to boot. Its two DLCs: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine offer up something different in the way of the story being told but still pack the same punch.

The Witcher 3 is not a hard game to play by any means, especially with "Just the Story!" difficulty level but look us in the eye and say you've turned your head on any piece of content with Geralt, Yen and Co. plastered all over its thumbnail.

League of Legends

Can not and will not argue with over 100 million viewers who tuned in to watch The League of Legends World Championship in 2019. We personally know some LoL players who traded in the toxicity of the game for a passionate esports fandom.

Moreover, the Cult of Personality that League of Legends has built around itself doesn't stop with the game or its esports tournaments. The music videos, Pentakill - a music group made out of LoL's in-game characters and the awesome cinematics all add to the enjoyment many get from following this giant.

Fatal Frame

You can easily replace "Fatal Frame" with any horror game and we'd be completely fine with it. 

Yours truly is a member of the "I'll watch through my fingers" camp as I'd rather let some brave soul actually play the game and bask in the satisfaction of watching an interactive horror movie where you can literally shout at someone to stop them from looking for the source of that mysterious sound.

Horror games usually have the best puzzles as well, and escaping with your life is a powerful incentive to get those wheels turning.


Any video with some Overwatch action will immediately cause a surge of complicated emotions. 

You know you can't do the cool thing the Baptiste just managed, you won't get that team kill with a D.Va bomb and your Genji will always manage to die as he ults, but by God is it fun to think otherwise as you're booting up that game and hear that inspiring ditty.

It's no secret that Overwatch has some balancing issues but it all melts away while you're watching your third hour of OWL and taking mental notes on awesome plays with Ana.


The star of many a YouTube video, the bane of nay theory crafter's assistance and a best friend to the shy kid who builds intricate computers in its vast world.

Minecraft offers up a creative outlet to anyone looking for it, and countless hours of content for everyone else.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange and its sequels focus on a young person with otherworldly powers. The games don't have a gameplay loop to speak of but offer up different dialogue options that drive the story ever forward.

One of my first encounters with Life is Strange was via a League of Legends streamer who played the game while waiting to find a game in LoL. I played Life is Strange myself after breathlessly watching his playthrough - spoilers and all.


Valorant's fast-paced action and eye-pleasing colour scheme draw me in every time. Kind of the same deal as with Overwatch but I don't delude myself with illusions of Valorant grandeur and glory.

While a riot (pun intended) to watch, I'd leave actually playing Valorant to people with steadier hands and more patience. 

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