Overwatch Summer Games 2021 - All new skins - ranked

Published: 08:46, 22 July 2021

Overwatch's Summer Games 2021 event is in full swing. 'Tis the sea-sun and we've decided to rank all the new skins that were released as part of the summer update.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event kicked things off on July 20. The tea is iced, the shade is perfect and the sea helps put our troubles on the backburner. 

All is well and the skins we got for the event are something else. Without further ado, here is our ranking of the eight new skins we got as part of the Overwatch Summer Games event 2021.

#8 - Nihon Hanzo

No one at the AltChar tower was particularly enchanted by the new skin for the elder Shimada brother. However beautiful the new palette is, the skin is a re-colour of Hanzo's classic outfit. Nihon is pretty enough, it just has a lot of competition. 

Blizzard #8 - Nihon Hanzo Epic Skin #8 - Nihon Hanzo Epic Skin

#7 Ocean King Winston 

Higher on the list than Nihon just because we get those summer vibes off of the azure colour and the scales. Yes, we would wear that crown everywhere.

#7 - Ocean King Epic Winston Skin #7 - Ocean King Epic Winston Skin

#6 Sunset Pharah

That bun is perfect for beating the heat. We also got a strange craving for a tequila sunrise looking at Pharah's new skin.

Blizzard #6 - Sunset Pharah Epic Skin #6 - Sunset Pharah Epic Skin

#5 Scuba Sigma

Abs, cheekbones and little propellers. Sigma was never afraid to take fashion risks. It would result in a higher ranking if this skin, just like Nihon Hanzo was released as part of any other Summer event.

Blizzard # 5 - Scuba Sigma Legendary Skin # 5 - Scuba Sigma Legendary Skin

#4 Mermaid Symmetra

Finally, a worthy opponent to the Magician skin. We love the crab-inspired gun and the octopus teleporter.

Blizzard # 4 - Symmetra Mermaid Legendary Skin # 4 - Symmetra Mermaid Legendary Skin

#3 Poolside Ashe (and B.O.B.)

After much deliberation, we've decided to give the number three spot to Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe. We're loving the various floaties she and B.O.B. are rocking.

Blizzard #3 - Poolside Ashe Legendary Skin #3 - Poolside Ashe Legendary Skin

#2 Referee Orisa

You just know she's going to be as fair as they come. 

Blizzard #2 - Referee Orisa Legendary Skin #2 - Referee Orisa Legendary Skin

#1 Sprinkles Mei

A frosty skin for the frostiest girl. There was no question about it, Sprinkles Mei is the best skin to come out of Overwatch Summer Games 2021. We love everything, from the hair colour change-up to the tiny bows on her sneakers.

Blizzard #1 - Sprinkles Mei Legendary Skin #1 - Sprinkles Mei Legendary Skin

These are our picks. What do you think about Overwatch's latest event? Hit us up on Twitter @altchargames.

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