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Unlike Overwatch, Paladins is coming to Nintendo Switch

Published: 17:35, 07 June 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Screenshot showing the Switch announcement of Paladins

A keen observer watching over Nintendo eShop caught a glimpse of Hi-Rez Studios' co-op shooter Paladins in the wild and it looks like we'll be seeing the game on the Switch on 12 June 2018, with the Founder's Pack already available.

Paladins' Founder Pack grants you access to all heroes, voice packs and skins and is available via Nintendo's EU eShop priced at €24,99/ £24.99. The game will of course remain free-to-play once it launches on Nintendo's E3 show on 12 June 2018.

It's coming in style too, with Hi-Rez Studios promising Paladins cross-play and 60 frames per second, which sounds pretty impressive. Furthermore, being first to the co-op shooter cake on the Switch will surely prove to be a clever move by the developer, most likely in more ways that one.

Paladins has proven to massively popular since it launched on Steam, racking up the sort of numbers that even caught Hi-Rez Studios off guard. It continues to be among the most popular Steam games, quite deservedly if I may add.

Interestingly, Paladins leaked the same way as Fortnite did, pretty much confirming in advance what Nintendo planned to announce on E3. Unfortunately for the fluffy company, early and for the Switch may have even had adverse effects on their stock.

This is not the first time Hi-Rez's co-op shooter has been mentioned in relation to the Switch. You may recall that brave, data-dust-inhaling miners have found traces of Joy-Con references in Paladins' data on several occasions before.

In conclusion, we're sure that Paladins will be a worthy addition to the Switch platform, as it seems to be lacking in that genre. Not that co-op shooters give you a plethora of options on PC either, but Nintendo could use a hand these days.

Hi-Rez Studios Hi-Rez Studios are demonstrating their lack of creativity with the latest Androxus skin Paladins - Fallen Androxus

Also, we apologise for involving Overwatch into the discussion, because we're well aware Paladins has got its own thing going. Nevertheless, with Blizzard recently saying that Overwatch on Switch isn't very likely, it's pretty ironic to have Paladins coming in smelling like a Nintendo mushroom.

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