Ubisoft's damage breakdown for Rainbow Six Siege penetration system

Published: 19:08, 14 November 2019
Updated: 19:12, 14 November 2019
Rainbow Six Siege - Limb Penetration
Rainbow Six Siege - Limb Penetration

Ubisoft released a blog post that details the penetration system that will go live in Rainbow Six Siege when Y4S4 deploys. Coincidentally or not, this change is coming with the sniper rifle that can hit up to five people at once.

Rainbow Six Siege has a juicy x50 damage multiplier on headshots, meaning one hit outright kills the enemy. This can lead to some frustrating moments for sharpshooters as animations can cause Rainbow operators to move their arms and block the way from a bullet's way from the chamber to the head.

Enter the , which will allow most weapons to achieve headshots more reliably. Based on weapon types, the system will be separated into three categories:

  • No penetration
  • Simple penetration
  • Full penetration

No penetration is self-explanatory - projectiles from these weapons will account only for the first part of the body hit and no penetration will occur. The weapons in this category are shotguns and machine pistols. The two exceptions here are BOSG and TCSG12 which will behave like DMRs, described below.

Simple penetration applies to weapons that will penetrate a limb but will not penetrate the operator. This group has the highest pool of weapons and includes assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, pistols and revolvers.

Full penetration means the bullet will go through an operator entirely. This category accounts for designated marksman rifles and sniper rifles. These penetrate only the first operator hit and deal only 70 per cent damage to the subsequent target. Kali's CSRX 300 is an exception here as its projectile can go through four operators and stop at the fifth, damaging all of them.

Rainbow Six Siege

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

When a weapon penetrates a limb, the damage will apply on the part of the body that has the highest damage multiplier. These multipliers are as follows:

  • Legs and arms - 0.75 for one and two armour, 0.65 for three armour operators
  • Neck and head - 50 for all operators
  • The rest of the body - 1 for all operators

If you are not entirely sure about the mechanics of the modifiers, we will take Glaz's loadout for an example. His OTs-03 sniper rifle deals 59 damage at 15+ meters. 

If he hits an operator in the arm or leg, the weapon will deal 44.25 (59*0.75) damage and will need three hits to down them. Meanwhile, body shots will deal full 59 damage and only require two hits to down an operator. Therefore, if Glaz hits a target's arm and penetrates it in such a trajectory that the bullet subsequently hits the torso, the target will take 59 damage.

If the shots are hitting another operator standing behind the initial target, they will deal 41.3 (59*0.7) damage each, provided they are taking bullets to the torso. The first target will go down in two shots, while the second one will need three shots.

If Glaz hits the first target in the head, they will be killed immediately while the second target might survive, if the bullet hits their torso due to the bullet trajectory. If both targets get hit in the head, they will both die instantly.

If a player switches to PMM, one of Glaz's sidearms, all the same rules will apply. The gun will penetrate limbs and deal 63 damage if it reaches torso and will kill the target immediately if it hits their head. The only difference is that the projectile from this weapon does not penetrate the enemy entirely so if another operator is standing behind the initial target, they will not take any damage.

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