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Published: 16:54, 08 July 2020
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The number of game announcements are ramping up across all consoles as summer reaches its peak. Among the countless announcements in the past week, there are a few that are really worth your attention.

Starting the list strong is NBA 2K21, another game in the well-known basketball game franchise that has taken over the world.

The game brings a few improvements as it makes its way onto the Switch, taking steps to optimize the experience for the console. Besides the basics, it will be the same as every year only looking better and feeling smoother.

Following closely on the list is Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, the newest addition to the already well-loved franchise.

The new title revives and revamps the franchise by bringing in a new playable character, Kirin, that will vary up the gameplay significantly and add a new depth to the game. The 2D side-scrolling action-platformer stick to its guns, bringing with it more of what worked before.

Keeping the Megaman style gameplay and the beautiful art style, it pushes for polishing the series and exploring what can be done in existing parameters.

Based on the success of its predecessors, and showing some great improvements at first glance, it seems this game will certainly be worth your time when it comes out.

Nighthawk Interactive Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 cover 3 times the fun

Next up is RPG Maker MV, a dream come true for anybody who wants to make their own RPG, without the pesky programming.

The simple interfaces are a godsend for any ambitious creatives who want to tell an amazing story, but just don’t know how to go about doing so.

And for those who dabble in the programming world, there are options included to make the game that much more unique and special. 

A really great tool for youths interested in starting their journey as young game makers, or old flames of passion to be reignited for those unfulfilled dreams of days long gone. An unusual game for a list of top something, but looking at it from a casual perspective, a rather fun little game.

Dodo Peak is a mobile game port over to the switch, and while the words mobile and port usually mean bad news, that might not be the case this time around.

Being a very simple puzzle game that requires thinking ahead and planning, it promises fun, and being simple allows it to be ported over easily without many chances to mess up.

While not bringing a AAA gaming experience, it doesn’t try to and that is what sets aside a small slice of the market for it. It looks fun and easy, something anyone could sing a bit of time into, whether at home or out and about.

The fun looks also earn it some extra points as it could be a nice pacifier for the kids on a long road trip or at the dentist's, while also complex enough to keep the mom and dad engaged for a little downtime.

Degica RPG Maker MV cover Build your own adventure!

Now what if the next game on the list was described as Gang Beasts, but cuter? Well, that is exactly what it is, Party Animals is the high res, fluffy revival of Gang Beasts.

While that might look like it is taking away from Party Animals, in truth it is the games are so similar to the point of it being hard to differentiate between the, besides the graphics that is.

While Party Animals is certainly a looker, it tries to improve on what was already invented instead of reinventing it, and doing that is fine, only if you can actually improve on the idea instead of copying it.

And so far it looks like a lot of effort has been put into doing just that, but first looks are rarely a good way to judge a game, as shown time and time again in the industry. Gang Beasts did it first but did Party Animals do it better? The answer to that question you will have to find out for yourself when the game hits the stores.

Creaks takes you into a strange world of shadows and lights, with a heavy artistic side to it, backed by very nice puzzles and engaging gameplay.

The game is a looker, a bit strange but the heavily stylised art makes it feel like a half nightmare that one falls into during a high fever.

Unlike a fever, this game seems to give you a constant experience while not being too tense or too soft, offering the right amount of stuff to get engaged in while exploring the detailed and interesting world.

Amanita Design Creaks cover The weird world awaits

Finishing the list of is Carto, a relaxing adventure puzzle game based around its world-shifting mechanic.

Exploring the absolutely beautiful world with the power of maps, discovering new characters, and being immersed by the gentle soundtrack sounds like the perfect evening after a hard day, because it probably is.

The game looks to be just challenging enough to keep you entertained and relaxing enough to help you unwind, melting the troubles of the day away. It definitely takes the most cosy game spot of the list, also the cutest game spot.

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