Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to open the locked door in Pyloon's Saloon

Published: 15:12, 09 May 2023
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to open the door in the cantina
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to open the door in the cantina

There is a door inside the cantina in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that seems to be inaccessible no matter what you try. If this little puzzle is posing too much of a challenge, here is the solution to how to open it.

Pyloon's Saloon is a cantina in Rambler's Reach Outpost in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that you will be using as your base of operations. There, you will be able to speak with your associates and do some side-content stuff, such as gardening and gathering fish for your aquarium.

Apart from those activities, you will also be able to gather some unique collectables hidden inside the cantina; some of them will even make some trophies pop up.

However, if you proceed beyond the bar and descend the stairs, you could see that the door on your left is marked red on your holomap, indicating that it is inaccessible and that everything within is either not available for taking or is at least momentarily unavailable. 

If you don't know how to unlock this door, we have the answer for you in this guide.

How to unlock the door in Pyloon's Saloon

If you are in the game's stage where you are trying to find all remaining collectables, then it means that your cantina is already pretty much packed up with all kinds of people and that it is becoming very crowded inside the saloon.

On the far side of the bar, or directly on your left when you head back into the saloon from the locked door, you will find one very interesting character called Moran. This guy is sitting on the bar alone and is not the best company to find inside such a cheerful place.

AltChar Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Moran is at the far side of the bar Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Moran is at the far side of the bar

Approach Moran and start chatting with him. Your conversation with this character will be crucial if you want the loot hidden behind that locked door. However, one conversation will not suffice because Moran is the kind of guy who does not open up to strangers that easily.

After your conversation ends, exit the saloon and return to Moran again to trigger another one. Do that a couple of times, and he will eventually admit that he was harsh to you the last time you two talked. After that, he will let you know that Monk (the bartender) let him keep some of his stuff inside the nearby room and that the room is now unlocked. Return to the door and enter the room. You'll find one chest and one skill point inside.


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