Settings to minimize frame drops and lag in Warzone 2.0

Published: 02:02, 20 November 2022
Updated: 02:03, 20 November 2022
Nobody can watch your back if you're lagging around everywhere
Nobody can watch your back if you're lagging around everywhere

Games do not always get installed with the most ideal settings set as the default. If you are unsure what the most optimal settings for Warzone 2.0 are, this article contains some suggestions you can consider.

Just like the original Warzone Warzone 2.0 definitely needs a bit more optimization.  While there are methods that can minimize lag and frame drops , there are also settings that the community has recommended as an alternative fix until Raven Software  and Infinity Ward release their own solution.

All settings options that have not been mentioned are left as what the game has defaulted them to. ​​

Display Settings

Display Mode: Fullscreen

Aspect Ratio: Auto

V-Sync [Gameplay]: Off

V-Sync [Menus]: Off

Custom Frame Rate Limit: Custom

  • Gameplay Custom Frame Rate Limit
    • If your monitor is 120 or stronger, cap at 120
    • Otherwise, cap at 60
  • Menu Custom Frame Rate Limit
    • Cap at 60
  • Out of Focus Custom Frame Rate Limit
    • Cap at 30

Warzone 2.0 How the frame rate settings are displayed How the frame rate settings are displayed

Focus Mode: Off

High Dynamic Range: Automatic

Quality Settings

Quality Presets: Custom

If you have a graphics card that is in the 30 series

  • Upscaling/Sharpenings: NVIDIA DLSS


  • Upscaling/Sharpenings: FIDELITYFX CAS
    • Anti-Aliasing: FILMIC SMAA T2X
    • Anti-Aliasing Quality: Normal
    • Video Memory Scale: 90

(If you continue having issues, turn this setting off)

Texture Resolution: Normal

Clutter Draw Distance: Short

Particle Quality: Low

Particle Quality Level: Normal or Low

Shader Quality: Low

Terrain Memory: Max

On-Demand Texture Streaming: Off

Volumetric Quality: Low

Deferred Physics Quality: Off

Water Caustics: Off

Shadow Map Resolution: Normal

Screen Space Shadows: Off

Spot Shadow Quality: High

Spot Cache: Low

Particle Lighting: Normal

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Static Reflection Quality: High

Screen Space Reflections: Off

Static Reflection Quality: High

Weather Grid Volumes: Off

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: On

World Motion Blur: Off

Weapon Motion Blur: off

Film Grain: 0.0


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