Everything you need to know about PS4 Game Sharing

Published: 13:49, 17 January 2017
Updated: 23:27, 31 May 2017
PlayStation 4 - Game Sharing

Game Sharing is a feature that is not advertised as often as it should be - here's how it works

PlayStation 4 certainly has an impressive arsenal of different features: SharePlay, Share Button, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now - the list goes on and on. However, one feature that remains little known among owners of the console is Game Sharing. The reason for this is beyond us, but in the spirit of public service for which Altchar is renowned, we are making our arcane knowledge available to all in .

Game Sharing basically means the sharing of digital games across two PS4 consoles and two PSN accounts. Yes, that means your friends and family can play your games.

It is based on the primary account policy. If your account is set as primary on the PS4, any account on that PS4 can play the games purchased with the primary account. So, basically, the primary account acts as the admin account of the PS4. It's important to note that only one PS4 can be set as primary on your account. Apart from this, you can also sign into your account on any other PS4, and play all your games on that account as long as you stay logged in - therefore, there are virtually no downsides to activating your PS4 as primary.

Activating your PS4 as primary is a very easy thing to do - simply follow these steps:

1. On the main PS4 dashboard, go to the Settings tab

Sony PS4 Game Sharing - Step 1 PS4 Game Sharing - Step 1

2. Click PlayStation Network/Account Management

Sony PS4 Game Sharing - Step 2 PS4 Game Sharing - Step 2

3. Activate as Your Primary PS4

Sony PS4 Game Sharing - Step 3 PS4 Game Sharing - Step 3

4. Activate

Sony PS4 Game Sharing - Step 4 PS4 Game Sharing - Step 4

If you plan on sharing your digital games with a friend or relative, our tip would be to agree on one account which would be set as primary - that way you and your friend/relative could meet halfway on the downloadable content, saving you both money.

An extremely important thing to remember is that you should do Game Sharing only with people you completely trust. Do not give your account details to people you do not know - as this could lead to your account being compromised in a number of ways.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to set up Game Sharing on your PS4 - as well as to hear our thoughts on this feature - make sure to check out  .