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League of Legends - Abusing Jungle Stacking Item is Breaking the Game

Published: 08:48, 25 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Killing jungle camps will empower you with more than gold, apparently
League of Legends - Killing jungle camps will empower you with more than gold, apparently

Preseason 2023 changes to the jungle are a thorn in a lot of people's sides. With the new way of abusing said jungle changes, it's about tome become a lot worse.

Some three months back, the former host of League of Legends  servers, Garena, had accidentally leaked the preseason 2023 changes, which included the ones for the jungle role. and now, Riot Games have implemented them, causing the fans to become quite unhappy.

The intentions stated in the leak were to lower the skill floor of the jungle role, while keeping the same skill ceiling.

However, with so many changes being put in place, it was only a matter of time before an exploit was revealed, and it comes in the way of double jungling.

Essentially, this way, bot the laner and the jungle are using the jungle item, without actually using one. This is due to the "treat" which stacks, and upon taking jungle camps, gives player additional gold.

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This strategy is usually done in the mid lane, with the mid laner taking Smite, and buying the jungle item on the first back to get the first treat, then selling it immediately. Even when it's sold, the treats continue to stack.

Later, the mid-laner buys the item again, when it has around 12 stacks and clears the jungle to get all the additional gold. If played on a champion that requires a lot of gold to be able to carry, such as Viktor, along with the first strike runes, this is a great money-making scheme.

Though we expect it to get patched quickly.


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