Desperados 3 - Some tips and tricks to survive the Old West

Published: 19:48, 30 June 2020
Updated: 19:51, 30 June 2020
Mimimi Games
Key art for Desperados 3.
Cool guys don't look at smoking guns.

Desperados 3 is a lovingly crafted, iterative sequel that retains the well realised world of its predecessor, without sacrificing the challenge of its combat loop. Here's how you can efficiently blast your way through the campaign.

It's no secret that Desperados 3 encourages an experimental approach to its combat puzzles, with a trial and error mentality that does a fantastic job of avoiding the pitfalls of repetition. The innumerable times you will likely die motivate more than they frustrate, thanks to a consistency in the mechanics that doesn't make you feel like you're fighting poor design.

In fact, it's that tightness and polish that makes it so much more enjoyable, and something of a surprise hit in an already busy year. With so many tools at your disposal, we thought of a number of ways to increase your chances for success.

Mimimi Games Enemies observe the area in Desperados 3 Ahhh you want to avoid the green seeeeeeee...

After the showdown

One of Desperado 3's neatest tricks is the blend of real time action and slower strategic plays, allowing you to queue up certain moves and string together a whole sequence of activity. Watching as the carnage unfolds is profoundly satisfying, but a lack of foresight can lead to an unfavourable demise.

Whenever you decide to utilise this feature, always consider an exit path. If a particular character is already in cover, and you want them to move and mash up an unsuspecting foe, don't make the attack the last part of your sequence.

If you do, as soon as you complete the showdown mode and commit to those choices, you'll finish your "turn" standing over your vanquished foe in the wide open with no cover. Make sure you always build in a return to cover movement that takes vulnerable characters away from any approaching enemies. 

Don't burn your consumables

Some of the best execution / kill animations involve throw-able items. There's nothing quite like flinging your knife at an unsuspecting target, or using a well placed, booby trapped medical bag to stun a passer by. 

However, the lure of using such deliciously satisfying items early on can create problems. Most missions in Desperados 3 tend to get infinitely more complex as you progress, upping the enemy count and making each encounter that much more dicey.

Your best bet is to save these versatile combat tools for when things really heat up. Don't use them early when a simple knockout or takedown will suffice, especially as restocks are in short supply. 

Mimimi Games Planning your next move in Desperados 3. Vision cones are your friend.

The speed can lull you

Don't be deceived by Desperado 3's slickness; this is a game where quick fire decisions can often mean the difference between success and failure, but in most instances, a more measured approach is key. 

If you wander into the vision cone of a patrolling unit, they will spot and react to you within a moments notice, even on lower difficulty settings. When things get tough, take a breath, scout ahead, and don't rush. 

While last minute clutches are absolutely possible, don't rely on them. Desperado's 3 is at its most rewarding when a plan comes together. 

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