How to use Buildings and Decorations of Eternal Kingdoms in Crowfall

Published: 01:41, 04 September 2021
First comes placing the blueprint of your Kingdom's Tavern before building it
First comes placing the blueprint of your Kingdom's Tavern before building it

Every kingdom must be filled with sufficient Buildings to house its institutions, and decorations to embody the kingdom's glory. This is even more true for Eternal Kingdoms.

Creating your perfect Kingdom undoubtedly requires more than just a landmass, what do you envision? A Trading Empire? A Thriving City for your guild? An arena for hosting competitive battles worthy of Eternal Champions? Regardless of your aspirations, one thing is certain, it won’t be an empty landscape. To build your Kingdom to fit your vision, you’ll want plenty of buildings and decorations.

Much like parcels, Buildings and Decorations can be crafted in-game with materials found or made/sold in the game and requires you have the Stonemasonry Exploration Discipline. Or, alternatively, these can be purchased from the Crowfall Store, though grinding for certain things is always more fun.

To place a Building, right-click the Building Deed from your inventory to bring up the placement interface. These Building Deeds are gained through purchasing a building from the Crowfall Store or crafting in-game with the Stonemasonry Exploration Discipline. From there, you can move and rotate your building to your liking before placing it into the world. Once placed, you can use the various attachment sites on the buildings to place chests, crafting benches, vendors, and more inside your building.

Placing walls and decorations is a similar process to that of placing buildings. First, you’ll require a deed for the item, wall and defense deeds can be gained through the Stonemasonry Exploration Discipline and decoration deeds can be gained through a variety of sub-classes, also known as promotions, some of which are purchasable through the Crowfall Store.

ArtCraft Crowfall - Keep Greathall to build in your Eternal Kingdom Crowfall - Keep Greathall to build in your Eternal Kingdom

To begin placement, you right-click the deed from your inventory to open the placement interface. You’ll notice that walls are built to fit together and will snap onto one another. Use this placement interface to help you link them up by rotating them into position and moving them close to each other. If you've played any RTS game ever in your life, you should be capable of finding your way from there.

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