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Crowfall's next major update coming to test servers soon

Published: 03:05, 18 August 2021
Those castles won't siege themselves if you want the points
Sieges are always the focus of improvement in Crowfall

The next major update will introduce worldwide access to Dregs and Shadow campaigns at the end of August. All Crows will be fighting in a larger universe offering unlimited access to all world zones, with schedules to match.

The first campaigns in The Shadow Faction vs. Faction world have ended, delivering great battles and valuable insights. Developers promise to adapt future campaigns to ensure the integrity of the competitive challenge and the reward structure.

The word from the battlefield is that performance has improved significantly in sieges within the current campaigns. Devs are committed to continuous improvement in this area and are thrilled that players are already seeing a positive change as they continue to work on this. Your feedback is highly valued and informs their efforts to improve the game.

The next major game update should be available for testing later this week. So, on that note, jump on the Test Server and let ArtCraft know what you think of the coming changes!

It would appear that the player-base of the game is steadily growing as well. Whether it's the Crow Buddy system the developers have put in place, or just the fact that they are developing the game at their own pace without chasing the trends is unknown, but it is good news nonetheless.

ArtCraft First design of the Crowfall character creation screen Crowfall has come a long way since the time of this character design

As mentioned in last week’s Livestream, there are several gameplay designs currently under community review. The design for the Handshake Sieges has received a ton of great feedback and we can look forward to devs reviewing our comments on the soon-to-be-posted series of interface enhancement designs for the chat system, zone maps, guild management tools, and Monarch management for the Eternal Kingdoms!

Devs will continue to share design documents for all major updates going forward, so make sure you are kept up to date.

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