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Riverwood Tankard is Crowfall's August reward for testers

Published: 01:59, 25 August 2021
Crowfall Pantheon before Corruption
Crowfall test rewards would corrupt even the Pantheon

Once again the myriad worlds of Crowfall need our aid. Developers are calling upon the fanbase to join the Test server and help them polish up the newest update, and earn themselves a reward in doing so.

Crows, your input is key to the game's success. For that reason, ArtCraft are inviting you to test the next game update (Update 7.100) before it goes live. your support will, as always, be appreciated. When you play for 6-hours or more on the Test Server you will receive the Riverwood Tankard as the developers' way of saying, thanks!

 Playing on the Test server is easy! Create a new character, choose the Test server when you login, and play through the new features on the Test server - for 6-hours or more - before the update moves to Live!  Look out for, and post any bugs you may come across, as ArtCraft always look forward to your feedback. In addition, please share more focused feedback on the Forums, as those are vital in the game's development.

We, as long-time fans of Crowfall, are all excited about the updates coming in the next release and our support is needed in the testing process, making the game we've all been waiting for more polished.

What you need to know to be able to join the testing, and earn the reward, is:

  • Playtest the next update now in testing as soon it hits the Test Server; beginning August 24, 2021,
  • Download the Test Server,
  • Play on the Test Server for 6-hours or more - before the update moves from Test to Live,
  • Get Rewarded with the Riverwood Tankard - One Per Account; Redeemed on the first of September (it will be waiting to be claimed when you log in to the game!).

ArtCraft Riverwood Tankard - the August reward for Crowfall testers Riverwood Tankard - the August reward for Crowfall testers

There is quite literally nothing to lose, and everything to gain in helping the developers test their work, and in doing so, earning ourselves both the Riverwood Tankard and an improved game experience.

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