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Crowfall future plans revolve around multiple Twitch events

Published: 02:17, 09 September 2021
Let the Crow Spirit usher into an era of Crowfall
Let the Crow Spirit usher into an era of Crowfall

The latest Founders' update covers the state of the Live service right now and takes a quick look at what’s coming next. Some changes are good, some are unfortunate, but Crows soldier on, this time via Twitch events.

As Global Conflict Month continues developers have introduced global (cross-region) access to The Dregs and The Shadow campaign worlds last week. All Crows will be fighting in a larger universe offering unlimited global access to all world zones-, that is the EU, Australia, US East, and West, with schedules to match. This increases your access to competitive PvP campaigns and sieges whenever you log in, regardless of the day or time. In addition, they have increased the number of rewards available for playing and winning.

As mentioned in last week’s Livestream, there are several new gameplay designs currently under community review, and more are coming. The designs for the improved Chat system, Group Loot options, Campaign Reward requirements, Scaling & Testing, and EK player management have received a ton of great feedback from players, upon which all updates are based.

The Twitch Drops Double-Header is coming soon, as well. So be sure to save the date September 18 - 19,  and watch 1-hour of Crowfall to Earn the Bloodfury Hellcat! Watch one of the awesome Crowfall Affiliate Streamers during the Week of September 13 - 19, to earn this dark-blooded Hellcat!

ArtCraft Crowfall - Urgu early concept art Crowfall - Urgu early concept art

Plus, in the weeks of September 20 - 30, you may watch 1-hour of Crowfall to earn the Sentinel’s Steed of Cybele! This second Twitch Drop will be available by watching any of the participating Crowfall Affiliate Streamers during the Week Of September 20 - 30, to earn this spirited Steed for your own stable.

But above all, call upon your friends to join you in Taking The Throne!

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