How to craft your Perfect Eternal Kingdom in Crowfall

Published: 01:22, 04 September 2021
EK is the acronym for Eternal Kingdoms among the community
EK is the acronym for Eternal Kingdoms among the community

Eternal Kingdoms are personal kingdoms created by the Gods for each Crow to call home in the Dying Worlds. Your Eternal Kingdom is your personal home base in this world. You can build and customize your Eternal Kingdom to suit your style.

When you launch your Kingdom for the first time, you'll notice that you have a single starting parcel, to work with that comprises the entirety of your Kingdom. Parcels are sections of land that players can place in their Eternal Kingdoms to expand the usable land area.

Parcels cannot overlap, but they can be moved, rotated, or transferred between EKs, so placing them is not a permanent decision. This parcel along with its denizens 'Paolo the Architect and ‘Raulo the Builder’', both of whom are found in the huts directly adjacent to your respawn statue, the large Golden Statue in the center of the starting Parcel, serve as your guides and will help you understand the steps to building your Kingdom.

To begin expanding your Kingdom you will first need parcels, chunks of land that you can place in your world. Most parcels can be crafted in-game using a large amount of crafting resources, chiefly stone, wood, and ore, and you will need the Stonemasonry Exploration Discipline skill to craft them. Alternatively, you can purchase a parcel directly from the Crowfall Store, but grinding for resources is always more fun.

Once you have your parcel in hand you'll need to place it in the world of your Eternal Kingdom to make use of it. You can do so by opening your Eternal Kingdom editor. To open the editor, click the bottom icon on the left-hand navigation bar.

ArtCraft Crowfall - Eternal Kingdom editor Crowfall - Eternal Kingdom editor

Once in the editor, any parcels you have in your inventory will appear in the left-hand interface. From this interface, you can drag-and-drop the parcels directly onto the world map and use the provided tools to rotate them into position. Once you have them positioned where you want to place them, you can rename your new plot of land as you see fit.

Through the use of this editor, you can also change other settings for your Kingdom, such as the name and description, choice of using the standard Day/Night cycle, your seasonality setting, and whether or not PvP is enabled in your Kingdom.

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