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Crowfall's Global Conquest Game Update is now live

Published: 02:05, 02 September 2021
The fortunes of war are fickle in Crowfall
The fortunes of war are fickle in Crowfall

Crowfall’s latest update, “Global Conquest”, delivers the ability for players to join competitive PvP battles and siege wars at any time. With the release of this update, the Hunger has corrupted the universe, and that is where Crows step in.

This offers Crows unlimited access to formerly separated cross-server zones. Anytime you enter the world there is always a siege war or territory conquest waiting for you. Crowfall already features massively multiplayer PvP siege war campaigns that last a month or more, such as The Dregs or Guild vs. Guild worlds, as well as competitive 3-faction battles of the same length, like The Shadow and 3-Faction worlds.

Now, Crowfall’s Global Conquest delivers expanded, global cross-server access to large battles such as The Dregs, Guild vs. Guild, medium ones such as The Shadow, 3-Faction, and small ones, such as God’s Reach, Sky Point, at any time of the day or night to players around the world. Join the battle, whenever it suits you!

ArtCraft Crowfall - Hunger Dome Gryphon battle Crowfall - Hunger Dome Gryphon battle

Along with greater access to massive PvP siege wars, Global Conquest offers players additional benefits that add increased value to the conquest efforts:

  1. “Global Conquest” is More Rewarding - the Hunger has corrupted the universe, dissolving the barriers between our worlds! Gain the benefit of expanded access to conquests, siege wars and factional battles, now with increased rewards;
  2. Three new Hot Zones heat up with Unique Enemies - Discover the Avian Cliffs -Gryphons, the Corrupted Field - Hungrified Wolves, and the Sunken Temple - Elemental Golems, areas where Crows will find challenging enemies full of “bonus” loot,
  3. Significant Performance Improvements - This release includes major performance improvements that contribute to an improved framerate as the battle heats up,
  4. Sacrifice points “Roll-Over” Simplifying Progression Tracking - Now the value of your sacrifices will automatically carry over to the next level of experience based on the total of your sacrifice items.

Make your own way in Crowfall, and use this opportunity to do so, and, above all, Take The Throne!

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