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New Crowfall update takes the basics of the game to another level

Published: 02:03, 07 November 2021
The fortunes of war are fickle in Crowfall
The fortunes of war are fickle in Crowfall

It has been two months since the last update on Crowfall, but with all the noise around other game releases and work devs needed to get done, they felt that focusing on that work was the right call.

This update is primarily focused on adding more small-scale group competition options to Crowfall.  Our large-scale sieges are certainly exciting, but they are only for the largest guilds and alliances. Developers have added adventure zones that limit alliance members to 25 and 50, while Keep siege zones limited to 100, making the competition in these zones more of a level playing field for all.

They've also returned forts to being home bases for the smaller alliances and moved all the generation of building materials to the various “mines”. You’ll also find campaign rewards have been substantially increased and are worth competing for!

New player experience improvements include streamlining the current NPE and adding a “fast pass” NPE with archetypes to get people who are not interested in a full tutorial but want to jump into the action, with crafting got some major usability improvements, as players can now click on any ingredient to go directly to the recipe for it, and see what kind of crafting station is needed.

ArtCraft Crowfall - Hunger Dome Gryphon battle Crowfall - Hunger Dome Gryphon battle

On the slice of life side of things, chat has gotten a major revamp that allows you plenty of options for what chat you want to see, and the developers have added map improvements including showing your group members on the map, and recent deaths and improved its performance dramatically.

All in all, ArtCraft are slowly but steadily improving their game and carving out a chunk of the MMO genre for themselves.

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