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Why Crowfall was sold to a new dev studio

Published: 04:18, 20 December 2021
The fortunes of war are fickle in Crowfall
The fortunes of war are fickle in Crowfall

Crowfall's acquisition by Monumental made some waves recently and the founder shone some light on the whole process that led to this situation.

Crowfall , a video game that was crowdfunded initially, was recently acquired by Monumental which led to fans being in an inexplicable situation and pretty much the entire gaming community in a state of weird confusion. One of the reasons is that the game had been launched for less than half a year but those who followed its popularity can already guess the reason why all of this happened.

For those who weren't that much in the loop, J. Todd Coleman, the founder of ArtCraft decided to shine some light on the whole controversy. When Crowfall launched, the player count was apparently better than expected but just like with any game today, the numbers started dissipating quickly. While they remained high enough in August to keep the game afloat, Crowfall had already shed too many players by September 2021.

As such, the game could no longer sustain the development and maintenance which led to major problems within ArtCraft and would eventually become the main reason why the devs had to partially give up on it.

Fast forward to December 2021 and the Monument acquisition was announced, saving the game on one side and a portion of ArtCraft on the other.

The core of the team split in two, with some of the members joining Monument to keep working on Crowfall while others joined a new studio to work on a brand new project.

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