How to effectively use the Token System in Crowfall

Published: 01:31, 04 September 2021
The number of Tokens in your possession can be found at the top of the UI
The number of Tokens in your possession can be found at the top of the UI

One of the core systems in crafting your Eternal Kingdom, that is, your base of operations for the game, is the Token System. Due to how valuable Tokens are as a resource, you must make sure not to spend them ineffectively.

Each land parcel comes with a limited number of Tokens. Tokens are used to determine the number of buildings and decorations you can place on the parcel -- the number of Tokens determines how many items you can place.

To check the number of Tokens available for the Parcel you are standing on, look towards the Top-Center of your Screen. Note, these Tokens are specific to a parcel and do not act as a single pool from which you can pull Tokens as needed.

Tokens are used to determine what buildings can be placed on a specific parcel. For example, The Manor is a Large Building, meaning it must be placed on a parcel with at least one Large Token available, such as the Town or Village. The Manor comes equipped with slots for chests, crafting benches, and vendor stalls; allowing you to make use of the Extra Small and Small tokens from the parcel. The Token count offers insight into how many of these types of items you can have in/on your parcel.

These Buildings come in five different sizes:

  • XS (Extra Small) for Trees, Light posts, and other small decorations 
  • S (Small) for Small Buildings such as the Cottage and Vendors
  • M (Medium) for mid-range buildings such as the Throne Lodge and Villa
  • L (Large) for large buildings such as the Fort Lodge and Manor
  • XL (Extra Large)  for very large buildings such as Guild Halls and Keeps

ArtCraft Crowfall buildings through time Crowfall buildings by development time and type

It must be noted that the Crafting of Eternal Kingdom-related items themselves requires the Stonemasonry Exploration Discipline and the use of a stonemasonry table. The crafting of parcels and buildings requires a large amount of stone, ore, and wood materials to create the required prerequisites, as well.

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