How To Check How Much Money You spent on LoL

Published: 03:18, 26 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Twitch
League of Legends - Twitch

League of Legends is not a game that needs microtransactions to be played, but it's definitely one that lives off of skin sales. So, how much money have you sent Riot's way?

With the game being out for 12 years now, the amount of money we've sunk into it keeps rising ever so slightly each year. Nowadays, we are afraid to take a look at how much money we've directed towards Riot Games , for some pretty pixels on a screen while playing League of Legends .

To check how much money you've spent on LoL, do the following:

  1. Visit the  League of Legends support page ,
  2. Log in with the account you wish to check,
  3. Click on the “Show me the Money Button”.

On average, each player spends around a hundred dollars each year, on new skins, and other various accessories found in the game.

Riot Games League of Legends - Elementalist Lux League of Legends - Elementalist Lux is the most expensive skin in the game

To see exactly where your money went, and when, you need to submit a support ticket to Riot Games, an then comb through the data packet they sent you:

  1. Visit the League of Legends support page, 
  2. Submit a ticket for a data request,
  3. Review the account’s personal data information,.
  4. Use the Official Riot code directory to understand the codes for in-game objects.

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Now, if you've seen that your balance has gone into the red a bit too far, we have some bad news. The only refunds Riot Games allow are those of the in-game variety, where you can get a refund for things bought with LP, and not RP. Still, better than nothing!

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