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League of Legends Patch 12.14 Nerfs Kayn's Rhaast Form

Published: 01:59, 20 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Kayn
League of Legends - Kayn

Tanks are, and seem like, they always will be a menace in League of Legends. However, the biggest one is a tank with far too much agency on the map, and that is Rhaats, the jungler.

Kayn is a League of Legends champion, and Riot's attempt at an edgy anime protagonist, who battles the demon within. Unlike the animes, what happens on the Rift is that players choose the demon far more than the human, and for good reason.

Kayn's Red Form, Rhaast, has been achieving a large win rate in the jungle recently, with an extremely healthy clear, and more power than he should be able to have in his base form, which makes getting to Rhaast even easier.

To combat this, Riot Games are intending on implementing some nerfs to his Rhaast form in patch 12.14:

  • Base Stats: Health per Level: 99 --> 109
  • The Darking Scythe: (P)Heal: 25-35% damage dealt to champions --> 20-30% damage dealt to champions

Riot Games League of Legends - Rhaast League of Legends - Rhaast

What this means, in the current meta, though is that Kayn may be driven out of the meat for good. Currently, tank Diana is stomping the game at all levels of play, and Riot are nerfing the only way Kayn could deal with champions like her.

His blue, assassin, form is nowhere near enough to make him a viable pick in League of Legends these days, as assassins have hit an all-time low. Hopefully, the nerfs just make him not stupidly overpowered, instead of removing him from potential picks for good.

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