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League of Legends Patch 12.14 Comprehensive Gangplank Nerfs

Published: 02:09, 20 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Gangplank splash art
League of Legends - Gangplank

Gangplank, as it stands now, has a single counter in League of Legends, And that is hoping that the one playing him is a player of low skill. So Riot are taking matters into their own hands.

With his crit builds, Gangplank is a champion that can hit multiple enemies during the mid to late game, from far away, and damage them for 70% of their HP, if his combo is executed well.

Now, there are other League champions that are capable of similar feats as well, but none have the early game power that Gangplank has as well, where he bullies all top lane champions, and the only counter is either the lack of skill Gangplank has, or a camping jungler.

In patch 12.14 Rot Games will nerf his early game power, to make playing against this champion actually a fair prospect:

  • Base Stats
    • Health: 640 --> 600
    • Health per Level: 104 --> 114
    • Armor: 35 --> 31
  • Passive - Trial by Fire
    • Damage: 55-310(+100% bonus AD) --> 55-310(+100% bonus AD)(+250% Critical Strike Chance)
  • Q - Parrley
    • Base Damage: 20-120 --> 10-130
  • E - Powder Keg
    • Base Damage: 80-180 --> 75-195
    • Slow: 40-80% --> 30- 60%
    • Slow now scales off of crit chance

Riot Games Picture of Graves and Twisted Fate with their pirate skins League of Legends - Twisted Fate and Graves

This will be a simple way of keeping the core principle of what Gangplank is, by having his late game potential be high, and affording the players who main the champion to carry games based on their skill, while stopping his abuse by players picking him up due to his unhealthy power.

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