Destiny 2 - How to get to 900 Power without buying a boost

Published: 12:53, 21 October 2019
Updated: 12:54, 21 October 2019
Destiny 2 - Power level
Destiny 2 - Power level

Destiny 2 is littered with fun activities that make it really easy to hit the first soft cap, at 900 Power, without purchasing the $20 boost. Here is how to get there quickly and why the Bungie's microtransaction is not egregious.

Everyone seems to be shocked over the $20 boost to 900 Power that Bungie introduced in Destiny 2 but it really isn't that big of a deal. The main reason is that you really don't need the boost in order to enjoy the activities as there is no real entry barrier based on Power for most of them.

I personally started playing Destiny 2 when it released on Steam and haven't been grinding to raise the number. Crucible happened to be my favourite activity that I sank most my time in although Strikes and Gambit are fun and well-crafted modes too. Yet, here I am with 935 Power on my main, a Hunter, having reached that point by simply enjoying my favourite activity.

The actual plot twist is that I have two other Guardians at over 900 Power even though I only played a grand total of one Crucible match on the Warlock and absolutely nothing other than the tutorial mission with the Titan. Warlock's PvP match happened after levelling, so the entire process of getting those two to over 900 took me roughly 20 minutes in total.

Reaching 900 Power with your first character

Destiny 2 community largely accepts that there are three Power caps in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep :

  • First soft cap at 900 Power
  • Second soft cap at 950 Power
  • Hard cap at 960 power

The $20 boost only gets you to the first soft cap but you can reach this one by simply enjoying the game, without paying a dime or grinding menial tasks. Getting there mostly consists of simply doing whatever you like the most in Destiny 2. Main campaigns, Patrols, Lost Sectors, Public Events, Strikes, Crucible and Gambit will all provide you with gear that has superior Power to what you already have.

Pick any of these activities, do them, receive rewards, equip them whenever they have a higher Power number and you should be at 900 within the first few days of playing Destiny 2. By that time, you will have the basic grasp of the game's mechanics which makes the game's pacing really good.

For a completely new player, there is absolutely no need to waste $20 as the road to 900 is enjoyable and there is no reason to skip it. All the above-mentioned activities have some sort of scaling so you will never feel that you lack power against your adversaries. 

Crucible and Strikes are the fastest ways to get new Legendary (purple) gear since they award currency that can be used with Lord Shaxx and Commander Zavala, respectively, to get even more gear. Make sure you complete their Challenges and Bounties as they award additional gear and currency. Their Engram rewards are not as useful for boosting Power once you hit the 900 cap so save up on the tokens after that.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Iron Banner cuts the grind even shorter Destiny 2 - Iron Banner cuts the grind even shorter

Reaching 900 Power on alternate characters

Once you've reached or crossed the 900 Power threshold on your main, find a Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons at roughly your level and store them in the Vault. Finish the tutorial with your new character(s), get to The Tower and pick up said weapons in order to get a jump start in the Power boosting process.

Considering it's a wise policy to leave the currency earned through Strikes and Crucible untouched after reaching 900 on your main, you should have plenty of them by the time you make new Guardians. These tokens are account-wide currency so you can literally go to either Zavala or Shaxx, whomever you have the most tokens with and initiate the following sequence:

  1. Use the tokens to increase the reputation
  2. Receive the Engram reward
  3. Open the Engram reward
  4. Equip the new piece of gear if it's superior to what you already have
  5. Rinse and repeat until you are 900

Spoiler alert, you should be there in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, if you don't want to bother with Tokens, you can use the game's other currencies to get the armour pieces from the Collections menu, for basically the same results.

Why would anyone pay $20 for the 900 boost if it's so easy to get?

The only answer that came to my mind is the fact that Destiny New Light is free to play. People can be tempted to make alt accounts and have a fresh start with them. Some veterans might not want to go through the 750 to 900 journey on the first Guardian and could opt to pay for the skip. Other than that, there is really no reason to skip the game.

Going over 900 is a matter for its own article but monthly events are huge help in this department.

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