Deathloop: a beginner's guide by the game's dev team

Published: 12:41, 15 September 2021
Updated: 12:43, 15 September 2021
Deathloop - sneaking around a casino
Deathloop - sneaking around a casino

Bethesda's Deathloop is taking the world by storm right now. Here are some tips for the newbies to the perpetual existence on the island of Blackreef.

Deathloop tips for beginners, straight from the game's developers


The best use of one's unlimited time in a Deathloop is changing up the tactics one employs to get out of it. Unlocking Colt's Reprise ability will give the players two strikes before it's back to the beach. Dying and using the revival ability will give you a chance to try out a new strategy: maybe hiding from those looking for a fight until you find some better gear beats rushing in all (inferior) guns blazing. Reprise recharges between time periods or by eliminating Julianna while she's attacking you.

Top Gear

Blackreef is home to some powerful weapons and all Colt has to do is locate and identify them. The best gear is colour-coded with purple and gold items representing the cream of the crop. Purple and Gold guns ensure additional perks and come with extra Trinket slots.

Tagging the Enemy

Tagging the patroles will grant further insight into their routes and going up against them will grant intel on their combat styles and type of gear. 

The Hackamajig

One of the first items Colt acquires on the island, the Hackamajig can grant you access to turrets, cameras. scout radios and more. Hacked devices will remain that way as long as you're in the same district. You can even hack noisy machines to make the Eternalists go chasing after a phone booth instead of your person.


Finding new gear just to have it taken away at the start of the next cycle is torturous but this is where Residuum comes into play. Stored Residuum can be spent to keep your weapons, powers and Trinkets across cycles. Keep in mind that Residuum can only guide others to a power it can not possess - the helpful material doesn't carry over between cycles.

Get Residuum by taking out Visionaries and other big targets and harvesting strange, shimmering objects on Blackreef.

The Visionaries

Getting the Slabs

Eliminating Visionaries will give Colt access to their Slabs which, in turn, grant supernatural powers of teleportation, invisibility, inhuman strength and more. Each Slab can be upgraded four times and this is done by defeating the same Visionaries again and again.

The perfect line-up

Colt's ultimate goal is to find information about Visionaries and get them lined up for an assassination run. This will require intel gathering, learning the Visionaries' routines, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, allergies and everything in between. All this information will be stored as Leads - available at any time. Pun intended.

Deathlopp is now available for PC and PlayStation 5.

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