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War Thunder Friday 13th themed Bad Turn event is underway

Gaijin Entertainment
Promotional image for Bad Turn event in War Thunder
War Thunder - Bad Turn

One might think that an event themed around slasher movies would not have a place in War Thunder but Gaijin Entertainment would disagree. Bad Turn is now underway and it will end on Monday, 16 July 2018 at 07:00 GMT or 00:00 PDT for USA.

Bad Turn will feature several rewards, although none of them are actual vehicles. There are themed decals, decorative items and the Tridactyl title in the prize pool. In order to qualify for any of the rewards, players will need to purchase the Mission Key achievement for 13.000 Silver Lions in the achievements menu.

They will also need to relog or play one battle after the purchase for it to take effect. Once that's done, they will have to enter a battle and score a kill streak consisting of three kills several times over. Each achievement level will specify how many kill streaks a player needs in order to unlock its rewards.

Level 1 will be reached by unlocking three out of 13 achievements and will net the player either an RP or SL booster. They choose which, and the booster will increase the respective currency gain by 113 per cent for one battle. 

Level 2 will require 9 achievements to be completed and will award the player a decal of their choice. The decals are Cannibal's Trap, Bad Turn, Chainsaw Massacre and Bloody Friday. 

Finally, level 3 will offer players a decorative item choice between Cannibal's Axe, Chainsaw and Mangler's mask. It will require players to complete all 13 achievements. Fitting, right?

On top of the three rewards from each tier, players who complete all 13 achievements will also be awarded the title "Tridactyl".

Gaijin EntertainmentPromotional image for Bad Turn event in War ThunderWhere is your chainsaw now, Leatherface?

Those who would like to purchase more than one decal or decorative item will have a chance to do so, via Friday 13th Trophy loot box. This one will be purchasable with in-game items collected from any of the Friday 13th events.

Also bear in mind that the event missions can only be completed with level three or higher vehicles. Information on how to track the mission progress and other means of getting the cosmetics can be found on the official War Thunder forums.