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No Man's Sky creator mourns developer-journalist relations of old

Published: 09:23, 10 July 2019
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No Man's Sky

Speaking at Develop:Brighton recently, Hello Games CEO and No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray said he misses the days when gaming journalists educated their readers on how games are made and what's going on behind the scenes in general.

As reported by GamesIndustry, Murray said that it's hard for developers to realise just what sort of public scrutiny E3 can bring, as you're invariably being watched by millions of people. Many of them are not even that familiar with the game, having seen short clips and whatnot, he insisted.

His big regret, however, is that fans don't seem to know what the process of game development entails, despite the fact that journalists who write about these games do, which ultimately creates quite the disconnect between fans and developers.

"Clearly, to us, it's obvious that some features are working, and some aren't, and some things we tend to do work out and some things don't. We've cut out this feature and put this other cool one back in... We're just going back and forth like that as, again, just a handful of people making our game", he said.

No Man's Sky's creator mourns the fact that he cannot talk to gamers as he would to journalists or other developers, which he thinks has to do with shortcomings of gaming journalism today.

"In our heads, we always think - and still do - when I'm talking to press I feel like, well, I'm talking to you, who completely understands how game development works", he said.

He insists that the journalists he read were a massive influence in his gaming choices and games in general, but that his is no longer the case.

"I don't think that happens as much now. I think that the problem with what we see on front pages being led by what we click on means that naturally you tend to read what the most people clicked... which means the press is naturally downstream from the community", he said.

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Murray has found himself on the wrong end of the pitchforks once No Man's Sky has launched, as the masses lost their mind after comparing what was promised to what was delivered, and that's without getting into the whole multiplayer testing controversy that ensued. 

"It's very hard to tell the difference between you talking excitedly about the game, because you are excited and the people you're talking to are excited... And you're talking about development, and that's what we're all used to doing", Murray said.

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