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Fortnite's Durrr Burger sign found in California's desert

Montage showing Fortnite's Durrr Burger in game and real life
Fortnite, Durrr Burger

While scouting a Californian desert for snapshot opportunities, photographer Sela Shiloni stumbled across a real life Durrr Burger model, police car and a strange sign, all of which are most definitely Epic's teasers for Fortnite Season 5.

Shiloni was initially accused of having photoshopped the picture, only to post a video proving it's actually true. To be fair, she did seem genuinely stumped by what she found and her twitter feed suggests she's not really a Fortnite lover.

Experienced Fortnite Battle Royalers instantly recognised these elements, seeing as they've been prominently featured in the game. By now, it's pretty certain Epic are preparing something reality-rift based, even though we may need a few more hints before we figure out what's going on exactly.

Some users have been suggesting Epic are readying Fortnite for a Wild West crossover, having found a bunch of WW-flavoured cosmetics in a recent data mining effort. A strange cowboy themed sign had been seen appearing in Lonely Lodge as well, although it too has disappeared since.

Unfortunately, that was back when we thought these rifts are time related, which it doesn't seem to be the case, at least not at the moment. Fortnite: Save the World has since added some Wild West themed skins and cosmetics, which may suggest we've been looking at the wrong part of Fortnite.

Now I must admit this to be a speculator's wet dream, considering the sheer amount of places Epic could take this. Could we see actual real life people and places in Season 5? Or will they be throwing in-game events in real life too, minus all the killing and building of course? The sky's the limit.

Either way, Fortnite's Season 5 is drawing closer and Epic will be celebrating it in style, regardless of what that style may be. If I was you though, I wouldn't expect any proper leaks this time around, as the company sued the poor sod that spoiled Season 4.

AltCharMontage showing Fortnite's Durrr Burger and a mysterious signFortnite

Epic are no strangers to sneaky manoeuvres, in case you've forgotten when they levelled Dusty Depot when everyone was expecting to wave goodbye to Tilted Towers. It does appear like they're more likely to add something but we guess we'll see soon enough.