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Xbox Series X|S has now outsold the Xbox One in Japan

Published: 08:13, 12 November 2021
Updated: 12:10, 12 November 2021
Showing next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Despite being on the market for one year, compared to the seven years of Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S has outsold its predecessor in Japan.

Xbox 360 was a big success in Japan in terms of sales mainly thanks to Microsoft's push for Japanese exclusives such as Ninja Gaiden but with the release of Xbox One, we've seen a complete change of philosophy as Microsoft focused on Kinect and "family fun" instead of games and exclusives.

Xbox One sales suffered due to that grave mistake and some would say that even the new consoles Xbox Series X|S need to regain the trust of players due to Xbox One's flaws.

And while Xbox Series X|S sale numbers in Japan are still behind Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, it seems that the Japanese players have seen the appeal of Microsoft's new console.

Xbox Series X|S has already managed to outsell its predecessor Xbox One, despite being on the market for only one year, compared to the seven years of Xbox One.

Xbox consoles sales in Japan (for the week ending November 7)

  • Xbox One - 114,726
  • Xbox Series X - 67,366
  • Xbox Series S - 48,756

Xbox Series X console Xbox Series X is selling better than Series S in Japan

Some would say that this is a massive achievement for Xbox Series X|S and perhaps it is but personally, I think it just shows how bad was Xbox One reception in Japan.

Fortunately, the tide is shifting and Xbox seems to be re-taking its place in Japan and with new partnerships with Japanese devs and Japanese games in Gam ePass, Xbox seem to be pretty serious about expanding their audience further in Japan.

Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft's next-gen console aces

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