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Blatant World of Warcraft ripoff ceases operations after lawsuit

Published: 17:52, 29 August 2019
Sina Games
Promotional image for WoW ripoff Glorious Saga
Glorious Saga

Free mobile games copying popular titles to latch onto their popularity is nothing new but Glorious Saga went an extra mile and paid the price. Blizzard sued the developers for blatantly stealing WoW assets, causing them to crash and burn.

Corporations coming down hard on someone's potential livelihood is usually frowned upon but in the fact of Sina Games, no one can really defend them. Glorious Saga was a mobile game that didn't even attempt to hide stealing of the assets from World of Warcraft and it cost the devs dearly.

The game is a mobile title that mostly resembles an RPG and the similarities with WoW assets is more than striking. For example, the header image shows bad copies of Valeera Sanguinar, Sylvannas Windrunner and Jaina Proudmoore in front with the late king Varian Wrynn and Vanessa VanCleef in the background.

One would think a simple recolour or a different lore entry would accompany them in order to avoid copyright lawsuits but this wasn't the case as Sina Games just stole those assets as well.

The gameplay footage above shows the game in action where you can see the assets from WoW in use by Glorious Saga. Players could pick between six characters that were available at the time, copies of Grommash Hellscream, Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Vanessa VanCleef, Gul'Dan and Sylvannas Windrunner who is called Azshara for some reason. 

All of these characters are bland copies with short lore in broken English. This blatant stealing of intellectual property was enough for Blizzard's lawsuit to be heard apparently, despite China's loose copyright rules.

Sina Games the game would stop operating on 29 August 2019 and no one is able to log into it anymore. Stan Lee in Stormwind Keep from World of Warcraft World of Warcraft, Stan Lee walking around

One could think Blizzard are overreacting by going scorched earth on these developers but considering the footage from the video above was captured back in 2018, it is possible the company tried to warn them before and the $150.000 Blizzard asked for is probably spare change for Sina Games, considering this is a mobile title that was a cash cow for a year or so.


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