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World War Z's Horde Mode Z rolling out for PS4, trailer explains underlying tech

Published: 17:13, 16 December 2019
Focus Home Interactive
Zombies running through a train station in World War Z
World War Z

Saber Interactive have announced that the highly anticipated Horde Mode Z update is landing on PlayStation 4 tomorrow. The dev also posted a few videos, that show how they go about displaying swarms of raging zombies with the existing console capabilities.

"With World War Z, our popular four-player co-op zombie shooter, we’ve added several free updates after launch, including new modes, missions, weapons, Special Zombies, cosmetics, and more. The most player-requested feature by far however, is coming out tomorrow - Horde Mode Z", they wrote.

Horde Mode Z is all about fighting increasingly difficult waves of zombies, which puts added focus on the preparation phase. The dev says that World War Z players will find the defensive tools even more important when facing the mode's relentless advances.

Saber Interactive used the occasion to shed some light on Swarm Engine's underlying tech, which allowed them to display up to 500 hungry and enraged zombies on-screen at a time. And these are not your run of the mill sluggish zombies you see in games - these are as rabid and quick as anything you've seen.

The key to achieving this was, of course, their Swarm Engine, which has been built from scratch for exactly this purpose. Saber are aware and quite proud of this, insisting that their goal was to fill the screen with as many zombies as possible. 

"The main technical challenge of having so many zombies was making the game perform smoothly over a typical internet connection. When the swarms are distant their AI is simplified but, as they get close, each individual zombie can emerge from the swarm to become independent in its actions. It took a lot of work to make this transition as seamless and unnoticeable as possible", they wrote.

You can find the announcement via the .

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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World War Z

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