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World War Z dev outlines Marseilles map ahead of tomorrow's launch

Published: 17:37, 04 May 2020
Updated: 17:43, 04 May 2020
Saber Interactive
World War Z players on Marseilles map
World War Z, Marseille looks gorgeous!

World War Z is getting a brand new map tomorrow so Saber Interactive decided to shed more light on what they call the most diverse location they've made so far.

Saber wrote that World War Z's new map is a unique location and the images we've seen support the claim that Marseilles will stand out from the existing levels. 

"It’s located on the French Riviera and - despite a little zombie apocalypse - it’s a beautiful place. There are many areas of the city from which we drew inspiration and, even within individual levels, we’ve incorporated various distinct locations", they wrote.

The team made sure that all Marseilles' areas prioritise specific gameplay, the sort that will change from section to section, while being different from other maps in the game. 

Speaking of different, Marseilles will really push players against the wall, quite literally. "In most of our levels, players are pushing forward through swarms, defeating or escaping each wave. However, in this level the players are pushed back to the inner walls of the fort by a zombie megaswarm — it’s all about holding your ground", they said. 

We've learned that one entire level is dedicated to defending Fort Saint Nicolas, but the dev highlighted a section that will really push co-op to the max as one of the most fun ones. Apparently, one player will aim, another one will shoot, while the other two are tasked with reloading the gun. 

Saber Interactive World War Z zombies on Marseilles map World War Z, Marseilles - it's a party!

The trick is that the launcher is difficult to aim: one player operates the controls while another assists with targeting, all while the other two players must continually reload the missiles and fend off the swarm. This sequence requires a great deal of cooperation between players — it’s super chaotic and a lot of fun.

- Dmitry Grigorenko, Lead Game Designer, Saber Interactive

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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