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World War Z: GOTY Edition to bring new Marseille episode, weapon packs, characters

Published: 18:25, 15 April 2020
Focus Home Interactive
A horde of zombies attacking a helicopter in World War Z
World War Z

This one should be of particular interest to World War Z fans who have been waiting for Saber Interactive to refresh their zombilicious shooter with new content - WWZ: GOTY Edition will bring new episode, weapons and characters.

Saber and Focus Home Interactive's plan is to launch World War Z: GOTY Edition on 5 May 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No worries, there's no exclusivity here and there will be ways to get the content without buying the game again, but more on that below. 

So, World War Z's new episode will be set in the French city of Marseille, and we sincerely hope their football team didn't turn Zeke - you won't stand a chance. Jokes aside, Marseille comes with three new PvE missions, new maps, story and characters. 

The dev threw in a bunch of weapon packs as well, some of which are yet to laucnh. These are The Lobo Weapon Pack, Biohazard Weapon Pack, Military Bundle Weapon Pack, the upcoming Last Aid Weapon Pack, plus 1 more upcoming weapon pack.

As for the character packs, World War Z: GOTY Edition brings two - The Professionals Character Skin Pack and War Heroes Character Skin Pack. 

Saber sweetened the deal somewhat and should you choose to go for the GOTY Edition, you will get access to a year's worth of free content. This includes the excellent Horde Mode Z, crossplay, PvE missions and enemies, challenges, extreme difficulty, etc. 

Saber Interactive Four World War Z characters standing with weapons World War Z, The Professional

World War Z is headed for another exciting year, as Saber reminded that a new playable class is coming in a free update later this year. Just like the rest, it will have its own unique skill tree and abilities.

You can find the official announcement here .

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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World War Z

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