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World War Z dev tweaks Horde Mode length and rewards, tweaks guns

Published: 13:15, 04 February 2020
Saber Interactive
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World War Z, The Professional

World War Z developer Saber Interactive appear to have heard the community pleas and will be making some tweaks to the Horde Mode. The goal is to achieve shorter sessions that are more rewarding and, perhaps more importantly - more fun.

In before we dive into the Horde Mode, the cover image you see above is The Professionals Character Skin DLC, which is now out and lets you " check out what our favorite characters looked like in a past life, before the outbreak". The pack comes included for Season Pass owners.

Saber also informed the community that the next update is coming along nicely, along with yet another character skin DLC and Cross-play support too. On top of that, World War Z will be getting three new missions in a yet-to-be-announced location, and more. 

Horde Mode

World War Z's latest mode isn't changing just to pander to players who want more for less effort - the dev actually "greatly increased" the overall difficulty. To compensate, they amped up the rewards for beating wave 10 and higher, and made wave difficulty increase much faster. 

Horde Mode players will get a slightly reduced amount of resources, even more so after wave 20, and limited the number of defence kits of the same type that can be deployed at the same time. 

The rest of the Horde Mode tweaks are as follows:

  • Reduced cost of equipment bags from 30 to 25
  • Reduced auto-turrets ammo by 25%, thus players have to reload them more often
  • Wave preparation time will begin to decrease after wave 15
  • Reduced the amount of resources players can get by using breaching charges from 150 to 100
  • Rejoining the same session in horde mode will now not restore ammo and health to full
  • Added option to restore environmental objects like gasoline pools and gas cylinders via shop
  • Added new side objectives    
    • Search bodies    
    • Capture area


World War Z is getting some AI Changes as well, as Bombers will take 20 per cent more damage to limbs , while their move speed down 10 per cent. Also, they won't explode if you don't hit the detonator.


Heavy Sniper Rifle has had its damage boosted by 100 per cent, whereas the Classic Battle Rifle's damage number are up 10 per cent, with an added magazine to boot.

Saber Interactive Options for defence placement in World War Z's Horde Mode Z. It's all about the voltage grids. Seriously. Spend all your resources on voltage grids.

There's a number of general fixes, as well as two PC-specific ones. World War Z's PC players will no longer have players stuck in the lobby when matchmaking via Quickplay, and the keybind reset issue has been addressed too. 

You can find the .

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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