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World War Z: Aftermath release date and features revealed

Published: 20:17, 03 August 2021
Saber Interactive
World War Z - Vanguard
World War Z - Vanguard

Saber Interactive laid out all their cards for the upcoming World War Z: Aftermath, including the release date, new gameplay features and maps.

World War Z : Aftermath is coming on September 21, 2021. It will include new ways to play the game, characters, maps and more.

Gameplay-wise, Aftermath will allow players to go into the first-person mode for the first time since WWZ's release. It should provide better immersion while fighting off countless zombies but that is not all the big update will provide in this section as Saber also added a melee system that should offer survivors new ways to tackle the flesh munchers. They will get to use new two-handed and double one-handed weapons, including sickles, cleavers, fire axes and more. 

On top of that, there is the new class, Vanguard, which will have an electrified shield that will allow them to rush through hordes of zekes, opening them up for attacks by allies or the rampaging shield-wielder.

In the case of the new maps, players can look forward to Kamchatka and Vatican City. Normally, one wouldn't look forward to the freezing temperatures of Russia's border but the map does look great in its own right. 

Aftermath will also include all the additional content WWZ released over time so all those episodes will be available in a single package.

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