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World of Warships going to space, new mode revisits the closed beta

Published: 21:02, 27 March 2018
A ship in space resembling water faring battle ships
World of Warships

You'd be forgiven for thinking Wargaming is trying to set you up - after all, Aprils' Fools day is just behind the corner. You'd be wrong though - World of Warships is indeed getting a limited time event that will take your fleet to space.

The devs reminded that they've already had a space themed event in World of Warships. However, that was back when it was a closed beta so not many people really saw or heard about it.

Wargaming says to have designed everything from scratch though, reusing very little from the beta. They pointed however that even though the event is "lighthearted to its core", it's still the same World of Warships players know and love.

Wargaming A spaceship accurately mimicking a ship from World of Warships World of Warships

In order to attract some fresh blood while they're at it, Wargaming say that all modernizations have been removed, except for one. With Destroyers, it's concealment; German battleships received improved secondary armaments, etc.

There's a new mechanic in PvP battles in the for of two space weather effects - namely, psy fields and meteor shower. The former affects individual ships' abilities for spotting, their detectability, repairing and more. Meteor showers, on the other hand, affect squadrons, their radius and even destroys an air plane very 15 seconds.

It took serious elbow grease here, with the devs only getting two months to get everything ready. Seeing as how it normally takes three to six months to create one ship, it's really no wonder.

In fact, as much as 25 World Of Warships devs worked full time on 9 spaceships, which includes overtime and even personal time. Also, somebody let that guy get some sleep, seriously.

Wargaming A spaceship resembling a warship from World of Warships World of Warships

The designers said that redesigning warships into spaceships is deceptively simple. However, they drew inspiration from SciFi classics that pretty much all of us watched such as "Star T(they'll sue me) and Star W(they'll sue me)", as well as Japanese anime.

Audio is apparently heavily drawing from the sounds of the 80s and 90s, or as the sound design guys call it "classic blaster sounds with the sinusoid decreasing".  Yep, we're talking, pew-pew.

The mode will be up from 29 March to April 11 2018, so get ready to sail. Into space.

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