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World of Warcraft BfA gets Mechagnomes and Vulpera

Published: 07:24, 08 October 2019
World of Warcraft - Vulpera race screenshot
World of Warcraft - Vulpera

World of Warcraft is headed for a bigger content drop in update 8.13, titled Visions of N'zoth where Alliance and Horde will get the help of Mechagnomes and Vulpera in their fight against the Old God.

Allied races will keep pouring in with the Visions of N'zoth update for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. As the name suggests, players will take on the giant tentacled creature and its minions, not in a distant land like it's usually the case with new locations, but rather all around Azeroth, wherever the veil between the two dimensions get torn.

The heroes will get some outside help in the form of Legendary cloaks but also with the two Allied Races that are joining the fray - Vulpera and Mechagnomes. Vulpera re the fox-like creatures that will join the Horde. Players can acquire this race by completing a few tasks. The first two are the Vol'dun quest line which is already available and grinding Voldunai reputation to Exalted.

Alliance are not getting a brand new race per se but the Mechagnomes look cool in their own right. They are basically Gnome cyborgs, enhanced with mechanical limbs or even headpieces. The trailer below clearly shows a gnome with a gear in his head that reminds of a spinning mohawk haircut.

These tiny cyborgs turned out to be grateful to Alliance heroes for overthrowing the despotic rule of the king Mechagon and are joining the faction to offer their help against the Horde and other adversaries.

Blizzard World of Warcraft - screenshot of Mechagnomes World of Warcraft - Mechagnomes

Speaking of, both Horde and Alliance will face off against N'zoth's minions and the big tentacle himself in the new raid Ny'Alotha The Waking City. Bew rewards are sure to follow but it's the heritage armours that take the cake here - Worgen are getting top hats.

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