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World first Destiny 2 prestige raid claimed via glitch

Published: 20:15, 19 October 2017
Destiny 2

The team that managed to be first across the finish line for Destiny 2's prestige raid has claimed the title with the generous help of exploits beyond Bungie's awareness. The raid was previously delayed over glitch/exploit related concerns, apparently to little effect.

Cheesing your way through a tight spot or particularly challenging boss fight is nothing new in the kingdom of video games. What is new however is developers rewarding players for their generous application of the cheese.

Bungie were apparently trying to stop players from using an entirely different exploit. The glitch that made Redeem clan's claim to world first status possible has been in the game since launch, and is tied to a sneaky way of materialising rocket ammo out of thin air.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

The entire situation is entertaining on several levels. It shows Bungie's inability to create a fair and balanced competitive environment while holding all the cards necessary to make it happen on their terms. The simple act of waiting and checking whether the run in question was legit could have helped remedy the current situation, in which most of the runners up will probably have glitched their way to the finish line as well. This might produce a situation in which Bungie staff would have to sit down and take in hours and hours of footage trying to find a clean run.

At the same time, the studio claimed they wanted prestige raids to be something for only the most skilled and dedicated players, but everyone and their pet toaster will probably be completing the raid because Destiny 2 is still light on end-game content.

Or maybe just, and I know I'm being borderline insane here, postpone the competition until there can be some measure of certainty that all the exploits have been ironed out? But that would allow for the PC pre-launch hype to die down, and this would clearly be far worse for the community than what is currently going on.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Reddit is of two minds on the entire matter, stuck between Bungie should step in and nobody cares. You can have look at the entire run above and make up your own mind.

Bungie have said that there will be more discussion on this somewhat disreputable world first claim in upcoming posts on their developer .

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