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Bungie promise Destiny 2 patch transparency, eventually

Published: 21:58, 30 November 2017
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Destiny 2

Following the public outcry caused by hidden XP scaling in Destiny 2 that caused players to earn less progress than the game let on, Bungie are now either reforming their ways or grasping at straws.

In a lengthy blog post, they mentioned they disabled the scaling mechanism that ''adjusted the XP gains up and down without reflecting those adjustments in the UI'' noting that it was their intention to ''keep slower-paced activities as rewarding as high intensity grinding without confusing variations of displayed XP values but the silent nature of the mechanic betrayed the expectation of transparency that you have for Destiny 2''.

To me this makes no sense as the sole purpose of high intensity grinding is to get the rewards faster, so why slow the process by a staggering 95%? Oh right, that gives players an incentive to buy loot boxes, silly me.

Also what is with the ''expectation of transparency that you have for Destiny 2'' line. Of course buyers expect transparency, everyone wants to know what they paid for.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

The blog post proceeded with Bungie's plans for the future saying that they ''plan to continue this dialogue as openly and frequently as possible'' and also claimed it will be an ongoing process they are committed to.

Some of the changes discussed in the blog post will be implemented once Curse of Osiris is released, on 5th of December, part two will be introduced a week later and the remainder in January 2018. This means they are looking good on the ''ongoing process we are committed to'' part, we will know at the start of the next year.

Now it is taking Bungie a long time to fix the mayhem they have in their game. Why is it so? A podcast the developers had following the State of Destiny 2 blog post. They described their way of doing things as a three-step process, asking three primary questions :  'how severe is this thing?', 'how quickly can we fix it?' and 'when can we test and deploy it?' . For example the XP fiasco was rather severe, wasn't hard to fix and it was server-side so it was also easy to deploy. All three boxes checked, they plugged that leak.

An example of a more difficult issue to solve was the Bureaucratic Walk emote. It was a mess for PvP as you could shoot people out of the walls and it goes without saying it was severe. It's not hard code so it's also easy to fix, two out of three boxes checked. Now for deployment, the issue was there right before they released the game for PC and the dev team was overwhelmed already so the fix took longer than expected. Now sure, it gives good perspective to what it's like on the other side of things, and I don't doubt the hard work they are putting in, not for a second. I question the decision making.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Bureaucratic Walk Destiny 2 - Bureaucratic Walk

In the end it is important to keep an open mind, as some people in Bungie are evidently working hard to make it a better experience for the players, but the question remains - are they really looking to reform their ways or are they just grasping at straws at the moment? Considering that they intentionally put a system in place, that suppressed the rewards for all the work you did, in an effort to push you into buying loot boxes, I am inclined to believe it's straws we're talking about, not reforms.

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