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Valheim devs offer a sneak peek into the new Mountains update

Published: 15:28, 17 December 2021
Iron Gate
Valheim - Armour stand
Valheim - Armour stand

Iron Gate studio just released their final dev blog of the year. The people responsible for bringing us Valheim announced a festive competition and bragged about the armour stand.

Valheim's devs recently sat down for the final dev update of 2021 and shared some plans for next year, teased the new biome and a competition. Patch 0.206.5 went live on December 14 and delivered some bug fixes, as well as an armour stand the developers seem especially proud of. Those same denizens of Iron Gate shared that the Mountains update has already taken its intended shape which will allow the devs to focus on the Mistlands update. For the eager fans: the Mountains update is set to release "early next year".

The Mistlands update is taking a while as the devs are still brainstorming the best ways to establish the entire biome. This means figuring out how the new piece fits with the puzzle, establishing new resources, new crafting items and enemies. Not to mention the new biome's very own big boss. 

With the fact that it is mid-December in mind, the devs of Iron Gate are announcing a bit of a competition that will happen during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Players who feel like competing will know more if they follow Valheim on Twitter and other social media sites. Pay close attention to announcements coming next week.

Iron Gate Valheim - Yuletide armour stands Valheim - Yuletide armour stands

Patch 0.206.5


  • Location music tweaks
  • Abomination drop & spawn tweaks
  • Localization updates
  • Enabled clipping check when placing thrones


  • Troll animations overhauled
  • Tamed animals are no longer afraid of fire
  • Peace and quiet (Tamed wolves no longer howl)
  • Serverlist profanity filter


  • Building item: Armor stand 
  • Merry Yule
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