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Which League of Legends champions are honored the most after a game?

Published: 14:19, 07 August 2020
Updated: 14:49, 07 August 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends Yuumi splash art
Yuumi isn't getting deleted after all

The League of Legends honour system allows players to earn different rewards as they advance through their honour progress. Riot revealed which champions and roles are the most-honorable in the game at the moment.

After every League of Legends game, players are given the option to honour one of their teammates in three categories:

  • Stayed Cool
  • Great Shotcalling
  • GG <3

Riot Games have revealed some information on how well champions are doing when it comes to receiving honours. The most honourable champion at the moment is Yuumi with 0.8 honours per game which is more than 20 per cent higher than the average. She's followed by Soraka, Lulu and Nami.

Supportive champions generally receive more honours than other roles - 13 out of the top 15 champions with most average honours are played in the Support role. The two only exceptions are Ivern and Kalista who hold the 5th and 14th place on this list.

The biggest reason why Kalista is so high up is probably because of her passive Oathsworn Bond which enables her to connects with a teammate whom she can save from time to time, thanks to her ultimate Fate's Call (R).

Besides the top of the honour charts, Riot revealed some additional interesting facts related to this topic. The most-to-least honoured positions in the game are:

  • Support
  • AD carry
  • Jungle
  • Mid lane
  • Top lane

Riot Games League of Legends - Yasuo splash art Yasuo is ranked 108 out of 149 champions

Two highest-honoured top lane champions are Shen and Sion at ranks 53 and 54. The fact that you have to go all the way to the 53rd place to find the first top laner shouldn't come as a surprise considering that top lane is an island after all.

When it comes to the mid lane, two of the highest-honoured champions are Galio and Orianna. The main reason why they top this list for their position is probably the fact that both of them have great utility in their kit which can be used to initiate the opponents or protect their teammates.

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