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When and where to watch AGDQ 2020

Published: 10:27, 06 January 2020
Awesome Games Done Quick
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Awesome Games Done Quick

AGDQ 2020 has kicked off and will be going on until Sunday, 12 January. Some speed runs have gone by but there is plenty to be enjoyed on the official streaming channel on Twitch. Keep in mind that the event runs without pause.

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) is the winter part of GDQ events and the 2020 edition is already underway, having started on Sunday, 5 January 2020. Unfortunately, by the time of writing, some runs in nostalgia-heavy games like Dino Crisis 2 had already passed but the good news is that there is still almost a full week of speed runs to enjoy.

You can check the live stream on the official or you can check the rerun or the in case you missed your favourite game speed runs. We would suggest you stay away from Destiny 2 Last Wish raid speed run if you want to keep feeling good about yourself for completing it at all.

If you are wondering about the charity this year, it is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. You can donate to the charity and check more info on the that also lists the possible rewards.

For planning, there is the that lists all the planned runs as well as their start time that will be converted to your local time zone so the effort required to enjoy your favourite speed runs is minimal. 

While Dino Crisis 2 and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword are behind us, there are plenty of exciting speed runs in the coming days. For example, there is the aforementioned Destiny 2 Last Wish raid speed run that is projected to be finished in just 20 minutes. 

Activision Vampire the masquerade bloodlines logo Yup, VTMB is making an appearance

Those lamenting the demise of Troika Games will have an opportunity to enjoy their brilliant RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, for a grand total of 20 minutes in a speed run with a Nosferatu character.

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