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Galactic Civilizations III and Enter the Gungeon on sale with Steam

Published: 13:37, 28 January 2017
Updated: 10:38, 30 January 2017
Galactic Civilizations III

A turn based strategy game and a dungeon crawler available on Steam at a discount

Galactic Civilizations III, is a 4x turn based space strategy game which offers a different map and challenges in each playthrough. Featuring a story-based campaign and factions with their own technology trees and customisable looks, Galactic Civilizations III is now at  on Steam.

Enter the Gungeon recently received a free  and now the dungeon crawler is at a  discount on Steam. The game is a rapid fire rougelike labyrinth filled with traps and a wide range of guns which fire anything from more guns and rainbows to bees.

Enter the Gungeon Enter the Gungeon

 The offers end on Monday, 30 January.


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