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Devolver claim Weedcraft Inc has been a publishing nightmare

Published: 13:12, 16 April 2019
Devolver Digital
Picture of several weed crops in Weedcraft Inc
Weedcraft Inc

Devolver Digital's co-founder Mike Wilson has recently stated that Weedcraft Inc, a tycoon game about managing a marijuana business, has been a nightmare to publish and market, which isn't the case with the games where you kill people.

"This is definitely the hardest game I've had to market, and that's saying something", Wilson told TechCrunch.

Apparently, console stores were not only reluctant to carry Weedcraft Inc, they outright refused to, going as far as to say they never will. "It has been a fucking nightmare", he added.

Trying to advertise Weedcraft Inc didn't go any better, as Facebook and Instagram would not approve, and that's the best case scenario. The worst case was having people's accounts blocked for submitting them, or having YouTube demonetise related videos.

"The fact that we're still so afraid of a topic like weed instead of the murder simulators you can market any time, anywhere, it's shocking", he pointed out.

We can't help but feel for Wilson, as his entire ordeal around Weedcraft Inc indeed poses a legitimate question - on what grounds is it acceptable to practically harass a tycoon game, which isn't even about the legalisation of an illegal substance? Because, it ain't moral grounds, that's for sure.

Wilson stressed that this is not a game where you do drugs, nor is it a pro-legalisation effort, but rather an interesting look on the business side of a trade that's both historically and culturally relevant.

"We did all this research with like, dispensaries, geneticists, lawyers, we were worried about cultural sensitivity with the subject matter", he said and added, "It's kind of like doing a game about booze in the prohibition era - like, what an interesting industry to study, right?"

Well, it is but only if you're not in that era, as Devolver's case has shown.

Devolver Digital Picture of weed reviews on Weedcraft Inc Weedcraft Inc

Thankfully, two stores saw what Weedcraft Inc was about and didn't give into the social pressures, and you probably could've guessed that these are Valve's Steam and CD Projekt Red's GOG. 

You can find the interview with Devolver Digital's Mike Wilson .

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