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Carrion is a tentacled boil of physics-based horror

Published: 13:15, 19 June 2019
Carrion image of bloody alien mass moving thorugh caves with tentacles

It's a rare occasion when a game instantly and probably accurately presents its appeal and premise at first glance. Phobia Game Studio and Devlover Digital's horror metroidvania Carrion does just that and glows morbidly while doing it.

Carrion has been in development for well over a year and the internet is starting to take notice after Phobia Game Studio's E3 showing of the horror metroidvania title.

The developers are aiming at blending physics into animation and gameplay by the looks of it, and in a fun way, unlike with similar ambitions.

What's on display is visually quite grotesque as the slithering fleshy player character mass creeps and maims its way through a maze of ventilation shafts, filthy laboratories, cramped industrial interiors and even some jungle environments.

Announcing its arrival as a "reverse horror experience", Carrion will turn players into what appears to be a captive lab experiment out for nutritious blood and organs.

Not that the human antagonists will part with their soft bits without a fight, so one can expect to go up against an arsenal usually reserved for the good guys - shotguns, rifles, flamethrowers, remote drones, the works.

Some of the folks previously behind have their hands on this one from what we could gather, and 's overall presentation looks right up Devolver Digital's publishing alley.

A lot of care seems to have been placed on the mechanical side of things, with various skills and gameplay options like stealth or dousing flames in water available, on top of the already chilling auditory bangs and thumps caused by broken doors and mangled victims alike.

Phobia Carrion animation of alien navigating corridors avoiding flamethrowers Carrion

While everything shown so far looks pretty much ready for launch, what we have seen is likely to be a vertical slice of sorts, so there may be more expanding and polishing to be done before the vague 2020 release date noted on Steam rolls around.

Well, as much as one can polish a lurching mess of teeth and tentacles.

Carrion indie horror by Phobia and Devolver Digital

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