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Way of the Hunter patch partially fixes blood trails

Published: 09:56, 27 August 2022
Nine Rocks Games
Way of the Hunter
Way of the Hunter

Nine Rocks Games pushed an update for Way of the Hunter, fixing some of the most annoying issues the game had, including the blood trails.

Way of the Hunter is a hunting simulator at its core and as such, it requires attention to detail to be top-notch and those details to be in working order. Whiile the game succeeds in the first part, some crucial details are sometimes not functional, which ruins the experience.

This was the case with the disappearing blood trails - you could shoot an animal without killing it outright but following it would prove extremely challenging because the blood would inexplicably disappear.

Thankfully, a rather quick patch was released to deal with this issue and the blood tracks should be more persistent now. Unfortunately, the patch notes stated that the problem is only partially resolved.

One much-needed quality of life change made it to the update though - there is now an FOV slider in the options so you don't have to deal with the forced tunnel vision. On the other hand, higher FOV might make distant animals harder to spot so you will probably need to calibrate for a while before finding the best option for yourself.

Nine Rocks Games Way of the Hunter Way of the Hunter

The devs also tuned the Explorer difficulty which is now even easier, giving the animals the reaction time of a boulder and the aforementioned blood tracks are enhanced.

You can check out the full change log on Steam but the ones we mentioned are the highlights.

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